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5 Tips To Guarantee Your Bathroom Makes A Splash

5 Tips To Guarantee Your Bathroom Makes A Splash

The freestanding tub has stolen the spotlight in modern bathroom designs for a while but more and more homeowners are seeking a daily spa-like experience while at home. The shower is becoming bolder, bigger, and more extravagant than before.

Here are 5 tips to guarantee your bathroom makes a splash.

Install a rainfall shower head: A rainfall shower head can make a big difference in the overall shower experience. It provides a soothing and relaxing feel that mimics the sensation of rain. This type of shower head is typically larger in size and hangs directly overhead to give you a full body coverage.

Add a bench or seating: Incorporating seating in your shower area can make it feel like a spa. A bench or seating area allows you to relax and enjoy the water without standing the entire time. It also provides a convenient spot for storing shampoo and other shower essentials.

Use glass doors: Glass doors are a great addition to any shower as they create a spacious and open feel. They also allow more light to come in, which makes the space feel brighter and bigger. Plus, they make cleaning much easier as they don't accumulate soap scum and water stains like curtains or opaque doors.

Include built-in storage: Built-in storage is a must-have for a spa-like shower experience. It allows you to keep all of your shower essentials in one convenient location, minimizing clutter and maximizing organization. Consider installing niches or shelves in the shower area to store your soap, shampoo, and other products.

Use natural materials: Using natural materials like stone, wood, and marble can make your shower area feel luxurious and spa-like. These materials add texture and warmth to the space, creating a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You can incorporate natural materials through tiles, flooring, or even a feature wall.


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