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Some interesting facts about the real estate market activity in July:

Number of homes for sale: 15,334

Number of homes sold: 4,912
Average Number of homes AVAILABLE for a buyer to see: 3.12
Average Sale to List Price: 99%
Average Days on Market: 16
Average Price Increase from 2021 13.2%

So how do we interpret this data? Right now it is still a Seller’s Market. Almost 5000 homes sold so the fact is buyers are buying homes in the GTA. The number of homes available for sale continues to be low.

The average price is up from 2021 while prices are down from the huge increases we had at the start of the year. The market continues to adjust.

The fundamentals of Toronto’s economy haven’t changed. Unemployment is low, immigration continues to be high and rental rates are increasing. The high demand and a lack of supply is exactly what has caused the sharp increase in prices of homes and rentals! This will not change in the near future without some massive changes and acceleration of government policies.

The start of August saw a reduction in fuel prices, welcome relief to all of us! The fight against rising inflation will hopefully impact/control interest rates and bring back more affordable borrowing rates to the many people waiting on the sidelines to make a move. I don’t know how long this adjustment in sharp price increases will continue, but I know that once public confidence is restored, prices will continue to increase quickly again.

When a house is priced right, it sells very quickly close to or over the asking price. So YES, multiple offers are still taking place. A house can sell itself, but how long it takes and the price one gets is dependent on the effectiveness of the following:

- Preparation/presentation of a home
- A strategic pricing plan
- Promotion and interaction with other Realtors
- An aggressive marketing plan
- An Experienced negotiatiator.

I believe this is a great time to purchase a bigger home or an investment property, because no one can predict the future. Think 5-10 years from now and look back on previous unpredictable times like 2018, 2008 and others. Seeking the top or the bottom of the market rarely ends well so if you are ready...."just do it."

By the way, I will be away in Israel from August 19th – September 5th on a lifelong dream trip with my immediate family of 14. We will be celebrating delayed and upcoming Bar & Bat Mitzvahs for 4 of 6 grandchildren. In my absence I will have a colleague on call to help you and will provide that information next week. I will be reachable but response times will be slow.

In the meantime, if you are looking ahead to doing something in September or October, message me now and let’s get started. After all, you have a friend in the business who wants to see you succeed and live the good life!

Have a great rest of the summer!

Sam Chaim⁠ - Making A Difference For You!
Re/Max Realtron⁠

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No surprise as the Toronto Real Estate Board released the May sales numbers. 7,283 properties sold with an average sale price at $1,274,869, up 16.4% since the end of 2021.  GTA Realtors meanwhile listed 18,679 homes for sale year to date. There were 7,283 sales in May 2022 – down 38.8% compared to May 2021 and down 9% compared to April 2022. 

The number of new May listings was like last year’s level and edged up on a month-over-month basis. With sales down and new listings trending flat to slightly up, the number of active listings was up on a year-over-year basis by 26%. Without a doubt, the increase in mortgage rates is a real concern as many are waiting to see the impact on prices but market conditions remained tight enough to support an overall average selling price of $1,212,806 for May 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 9.4%.

The reality of the market has not changed. Due to a shortage of homes for sale, prices in January and February rose at an unsustainable rate of 25%+. In March, sellers with inexperienced Realtors continued to offer properties for sale at significantly higher prices than the previous sales and, not surprisingly, buyers balked as homes stopped selling almost overnight. With the mortgage rate increase taking some buyers out of the market and others waiting to see what happens, the number of homes sold dropped compared to last year. The impression and Buyers’ hope is that home prices will keep declining.

The problem is, “Hope” is not a strategy. Hope supports realistic optimism, a necessary component of success. But If the market turns back up, as we have seen before, e.g. 2018, and interests rise again, buyers will be further disadvantaged. The other factor is, no matter whether you are buying or selling, putting on hold your life needs and that of your family is costly in more ways than just monetarily.  We need only think back over the past 2+ years to recognize that.

This is also an amazing time to increase your investment portfolio. It’s said “don’t time the market”, but it is also said, “buy the dip” if the opportunity presents itself. Give me a call and let me show you the reality of the market and how you can turn it to your advantage.

Pareto’s Principal says that 20% of sales people do 80% of the sales in any field. As a full time, professional & experienced realtor and businessman have the pricing & marketing strategies and negotiating skills to make it work for you. As a top performer and being with Remax, the largest multinational real estate company marketing properties world-wide, you need me and Remax!

You can read the full May report and/or call me to talk about your personal situation, your hopes, and dreams. There is no obligation and perhaps we can plan together to turn your hopes into your reality.

Have a great June and start of summer.

Sam Chaim⁠
Re/Max Realtron⁠

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The GTA housing market continued its adjustment to higher borrowing costs, with the number of transactions down on a monthly and annual basis. There were 8,008 homes sold in April 2022 – a 41.2% decrease compared to April 2021 and a 27% decrease compared to March 2022.

On a year-over-year basis, the decline in sales was greater in the ‘905’ area code regions surrounding Toronto, particularly for detached houses. The benchmark price was up by 30.6% year-over-year in April 2022 but was down in comparison to the March level. The average selling price, at $1,254,436, was up by 15% compared to April 2021, but down compared to the average selling price of $1,300,082 in March 2022.

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Contact me with questions as to how this impacts your buying or selling decisions!

Sam Chaim⁠ - Making A Difference For You!⁠
Re/Max Realtron⁠

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