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When choosing a real estate professional, get to know their history!

Clients satisfaction is my highest priority. I therefore take great pride in achieving a high volume of repeat and referral business which for 2016 is over 80%. Below, you'll find references from clients that will help you get to know me better. 


Call me today - I'd love to add you to this growing list and....

....Make a Difference for You!

Longtime Investors & Downsizers

February 28, 2016




If you are buying or selling a home, you need an able, experienced realtor whom you can trust. 


Sam Chaim of RE/Max fits that description.    Sam is a knowledgeable, experienced professional, who cares deeply about the needs of his clients. 


Sam became our realtor several years ago.  He successfully listed and negotiated the sale of investment properties in various GTA locations and a vacation property.  


When we were looking for home closer to our children and grandchildren, Sam put us on an MLS “watch list” so that we would find out about suitable properties as soon as they were listed.   Sam was attentive in showing us interesting properties and in presenting offers.   When a property we liked became a multiple offer situation, Sam Chaim was well-prepared and professional on very short notice. 


Sam guided us through every step of the process. He used his negotiating skills, market savvy and personal charm to make ours the successful offer. 


Thanks to Sam Chaim, we will soon be moving into our new home.  Sam is courteous, respectful, well-organized and a pleasure to deal with.  Working with Sam Chaim added value to the purchase and sale of our real estate and we highly recommend him for both buying and selling.   


L. & I.

"your advertising literature was super"

October 2015


Dear Sam,


 We want to thank you for the excellent job you did on selling our home at 117 Playfair Ave.


 You got us a very good price in a very short period of time (6 days!!) and we are very pleased.


 The fact that you had already sold our small rental home at 142 Dynevor Rd., in even less time, was an added bonus.


Your presentation of our home in your advertising literature was super, as was also your mailout.


 Thank you very much for everything! We will gladly recommend you and your professionalism.   


Ronald & Audrey Desrochers

Sellers of both investment and residential properties

Then & Now

March, 2013


Our family of 5 are recent arrivals in Canada and were looking to buy our first home here.  We first met Sam while inquiring about one of his listings in the Henry Farm area.  Following that first chat, I was suitably impressed and we agreed to meet in person.  Sam’s professional approach and experience demonstrated on the phone matched up well when we met him in person a few days later.  We then agreed to Sam being our agent.


Sam helped us focus on the steps needed and suggested an order to the process that would be beneficial.  Although we could not make a commitment on any property for at least 2 months, Sam was ever available to show us homes in the meantime, and did in fact show us many.  In the end, this proved to be an invaluable education about the market, different areas to consider and differing values.  Sam was very knowledgeable about home construction as well and helped us to identify issues about obvious repairs in addition to what to be cautious about with the not so obvious.


Sam found a home that had been listed for sale but was taken off the market just as we were leaving for holidays.  In fact, we had become aware of this home many weeks earlier in our search but we had passed on it.  Upon our return, he suggested we consider it again, to which we agreed.  He contacted the owners and convinced them he had a serious buyer and to let us see the home.  We saw the home and loved it.  3 days later, Sam completed negotiations and we had purchased our first home inCanada.


It was Sam’s persistence and determination as well as his understanding about what might work for us that helped bring this opportunity back to life.  We could not be more excited about it.  We are about to take possession and really appreciate Sam’s after-sale approach as well.   He continued to guide us through the process and kept us on track with all the details that go along with buying a home.


We would readily recommend Sam to our friends and family.  He worked hard and smart to get us the right situation.


BaselTutunji and Rawia Asali

Henry Farm,Toronto


and 3 years later.....



April 3, 2016


Sam is not only a realtor he is a true friend. When we decided to sell our house we required someone to help us through this process and someone who understood the Toronto real estate dynamics.  In a simple word, we wanted an advisor to fetch us the best price in the shortest time.


Sam was able to walk us through the planned journey like a true professional, his suggestions and approach were key to the strategy, and once the house was on the market the preparation was top class.  I can say it was like a 5 Star service treatment.


The outcome: it took 4 days to find the buyer, and the house was sold above the asking price.


The Journey is the reward and Sam was the Captain


Basel Tutunji



81 George Henry Blvd.

Henry Farm, Toronto

Every age, every stage

February 18, 2015


Dear Sam,


My mother and I couldn't have been more pleased with Sam Chaim's service in selling mother's condo for her after she moved to assisted living. She's mentally sharp but relied on me to take care of practical needs like the preparation and sale of her home. My mom, Sam's client, was in Toronto but I was asked to make almost all the decisions so he had to keep in constant contact with me here in California while working around my busy work schedule.  


Sam supervised a Toronto contractor who painted the unit, (Sam chose colours) repaired various blemishes and moved all the furniture out.  Sam worked with the condo management office and my mom's nieces & nephews to allow them to move out furniture she promised them.   


Sam made sure that all remaining furniture, clothes, and house wares were donated to local Toronto charities and out of the unit for closing.  


Sam drove to my mom's new apt. three times to let her sign a first offer which fell through and then a second offer & contract.  He was also very kind to her, brought her flowers and well after the sale visited her at Chanukah with a box of candy.


It is so important to leave your property's preparation and sale to someone you can trust.  Sam took care of everything, made sure everything got done at the unit while simultaneously coordinating locally with my mom's schedule and with me in San Francisco. He was a godsend.


My mom and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. All this with no strife on our part. I feel confident in recommending him to you.  


Sincerely yours, 


Jeffrey M. Davidson MDCM, FAAAAI

San Francisco, CA

Alan & Ruimin Li (2014-08-19)

Why waste time on a search agent? Why not search for homes on our own? Why not save some commission by dealing with listing agents directly? That’s what we thought.


It was soon clear that we were, at best, only partially right after talking to Sam.

Yes, we can find a house on MLS, but how do we know whether its real value is below or above the listing price? We must rely on a listing agent to give us advice on the property. increasing the chance of overpaying and incomplete information.

Furthermore, there are many private deals not available on MLS.

Sam knows how to accurately appraise a property. He also gets exclusive listings thanks to a spotless reputation.
He understood what kind of house suited our living style. So, he brought up an exclusive opportunity that he thought we might be interested in.

Thus, we were able to make a purchase 40 days after we first met Sam. The best part is, all parties involved were happy with the deal!

Then, and then again

I was very nervous when I first started thinking about buying my first condo, but Sam Chaim completely put my mind at ease. He sent me links to condos that exactly met my criteria, set up appointment to go see them the same day, or the next at the very latest, and didn’t try to convince me that I wanted something that I didn’t.

When I was ready to put an offer on my place, I found Sam to be knowledgeable of the downtown condo market and I trusted his judgment in determining an appropriate offer price. Above this, he worked with me until after midnight to finish all the required paperwork to put in an offer first thing the next morning. In the end, what I got was the beautiful downtown loft with character I’d always dreamed of!

Sara W., first time condo buyer, King and Bathurst


and 3 years later.....


Dear Sam,


What a pleasure it was working with you!  Not only were you able to get us the house of our dreams in the neighbourhood that we wanted, you were able to do so in Toronto’s highly competitive market.  Your help in strategizing how to make a successful offer in an environment where multiple offers are commonplace, was absolutely invaluable. 


Throughout the entire home buying process we found you to be extremely calm and patient, never pressuring us, despite going to see over two dozen houses.  As first time homebuyers, your insightful questions helped us to figure out what we really wanted and needed in a house.  We also very much appreciated your responsiveness and enthusiasm for arranging viewings on the same day as listings came out, ensuring that we didn’t miss a good opportunity.


Your persistency, integrity and market knowledge really made the difference in securing the purchase of our new home. 


Roman & Rebecca Golts (2013-08-29)

Hi Sam,

Thank you for all of your help with finding our home, here is what we thought really stood out in the search:

With a baby on the way and with lots of pressure of finding more space, Sam really understood our needs and was very patient with us finding our home. He was honest and sincere about the properties we viewed and really directed us into choosing the right home for us without making any rushed decisions. The home we ended up choosing, we viewed during a heavy snow storm and with our car stuck in the snow, Sam came to the rescue and drove us to the viewing. We would recommend Sam to anyone searching for a new home, especially for a new family that is trying to up size into a more comfortable home.

Roman and Rebecca Golts

Peter & Amy Contino (2014-06-06)

We are very pleased to have worked with Sam Chaim to sell our home and purchase a new condo. We found Sam to be very experienced and wonderfully effective. We implemented many of his suggestions for getting our house ready for showing and our house was sold within 4 days of being on the market.

He also very quickly found the ideal condo for us in our preferred area and building, and negotiated a fair offer for us. We felt he really listened to our needs and what we were looking for. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Peter and Amy Contino

Howard & Fern Mednick (2014-08-19)

Now that I am at the end of my real estate journey, I would like to thank you for all the effort you have put in getting Fern and I re-located in a new condo. I have known you for many years as a friend, neighbour and fellow basketball player. But over the last few months I have gotten to know you as a real estate professional. In finding us a new condo, selling our home and helping to get us started again in our new situation, you have conducted your activities and affairs in a most professional manner. As a result, Fern and I have felt very comfortable in knowing that all the details (and there are many) in the two real estate transactions would be addressed properly.

Of course this real estate journey was only a part of the journey that Fern and I are on. The part of the journey with you began a few weeks after Fern fell and had the subsequent mobility problems. At that point I recognized that staying in our house may not turn out to be a good long term proposition. You gave me a good review of the market for both sides, buying a condo and selling the house, so that I had all the basic facts if and when the time came to make the decision to move.

A few weeks after that, when we decided that a move was necessary, you started the process with us officially. You recognized our needs and requirements and were able to apply them to the types of condos which we visited. The assistance you provided for Fern as we visited a few places was most welcome as even the shortest of trips was difficult for her. I was also very impressed with your knowledge, not only of the real estate market itself, but also of the details pertaining to construction, appliances, interior design and other aspects of a home that I really knew little about or did not think were important (they were). After a very thorough review you enabled us to put in a successful offer to the condo we now have. I am sure that we will be very pleased and comfortable here.

As they say in real estate, timing is everything. Your persistence in timing the presentation of our house to the market was right on. In addition your guidance on what we had to do to make the house presentable was very clever and necessary, and part of the success we had in the sale. Maybe offering the women visitors a rose at the open house on Mother's Day was the move that clinched a good deal for us - who knows. At any rate when the final deal was done I think we did very well and we are very satisfied with the result.

Fern and I still have a longer journey ahead of us but with the real estate portion closed, I can continue on with one less problem to worry about.

Many thanks!!


Sept. 14, 2014


When we first contemplated selling the home we had lived in for over 25 years, we knew we wanted to use a real estate agent with considerable experience. Over the years, we had often noticed Sam’s sold signs in our neighbourhood so he was definitely an agent of interest.


After meeting with Sam and hearing his clear marketing plan for our house, we knew that we were in good hands. Sam made appropriate recommendations on how to prepare our house for optimal results and addressed any concerns we had.


During the final negotiations, Sam’s experience and skills were clearly evident.   Our house sold in just 6 days and the selling price exceeded our expectations.


Although we have currently decided to rent rather than purchase a condo, Sam has gone above and beyond his role in order to ensure that we have a suitable unit and that our move is stress free.


We intend to use Sam as our agent in the future and highly recommend him as an experienced, effective professional.


Ian and Jill Liberman

54 Jessica Gardens



November 28, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


RE: Sam Chaim



Sam Chaim is the ultimate Real Estate Professional.  We encountered numerous unforeseen problems, and Sam helped us to overcome them all.  Let’s review the factors which make an agent a true professional.


Reliability:  Sam always was available for us.  Any time of night or day he would return our emails or phone calls within minutes.


Appearance:  When you first meet Sam, you know that you are dealing with a real professional.  He is always well-groomed and neat in appearance.  He truly has curb appeal.


Competitive Knowledge:  Sam knew the selling price of every house which sold in the neighbourhood.  He priced our home to attract buyers and used his familiarity with the competition to get us the best price possible.


Product Knowledge:  Sam knew every detail of our home and used this information to promote it to any and all prospects.


Follow up:  Every agent who walked into our home always received a follow up phone call form Sam.  Calls were used both for our endorsement of the house and to inquire as to the purchasers’ objections to buying.


Preparedness:  Sam came to every meeting with documents, charts and reports to answer any question.  He foresaw possible objections and had the backup to overcome these roadblocks.


In conclusion we would highly recommend Sam Chaim as a true Real Estate Professional.


Yours truly,



Howard & Marlene Kideckel


June, 2011


To:  Sam Chaim



Life is a journey of new beginnings…..we hired the Point Man!


Writing to let you know, Sam, how impressed we have been with you with the sale of our home and buying the condo.


Very professional, caring, with mannerly advice, you helped us through a stressful life change.


Wishing everyone could use you as their real estate person.  You did go over and above your duties.


Thank you again….much success!


Mr. and Mrs. J. Chenew

105 Brownstone Circle

Thornhill, Ontario


When we decided to sell our house last summer, we realized it needed a lot of fixing up to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Not knowing where to start, we asked our real estate agent Sam Chaim for advice. Sam not only made thoughtful suggestions, but went far beyond what a typical agent would do. He spent many hours dealing with tradespeople, helping us obtain quotes, etc. During a two-month period, we think he spent more time at our house than we did.


Sam was always available by phone or e-mail and worked tirelessly on our behalf throughout the successful sale process.


Before signing the listing agreement, Sam also discussed with us the advantages and disadvantages of an exclusive listing over a multiple listing.  We also discussed the proposed sale price.  We took Sam’s advice and we were very satisfied with the results.


Although we decided to rent rather than purchase a condo, Sam again spent a great deal of time showing available units to us. It was evident that he was more concerned with finding something suitable for us than with earning a minimal commission as our rental agent.


We consider Sam to be not only a hard-working, knowledgeable professional, but also a friend. We have no hesitation recommending him as an effective real estate agent.



Lou & Judy Shulman

Spring Farm Vendors

Stan & Meryl Solomon

Dear Sam,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help. You came to the aid of selling our home after a very difficult incident.

You sat and talked to us, explained your approach, staging the house and gave us a positive confidence in you.

Your knowledge, understanding and kindness gave us a wonderful result --- the selling of our home. It would be our pleasure to recommend you to others.

Again, many, many thanks.

Yours truly,

Meryl & Stan, Thornhill Vendors

Ruth & David Halperin

Whom It May Concern:

When we decided to sell our suburban home and buy in the city, we turned to Sam to help us navigate a potentially stressful experience...we had lived in our home for 25 years and knew little about how to make the most of both a purchase and a sale.

Sam was extremely patient and understanding, never pushing us to make decisions that we were uncomfortable with. Our decision to buy before we sold was a difficult one to reach, but Sam helped us weigh the pros and cons of doing so...again, without any pressure but only support and guidance.

After viewing many homes, we finally found the one of our dreams. Sam made the purchase happen, negotiating to arrive at a price we were comfortable with.

But what really set Sam apart from what we believe to be other real estate agents was the sale process. Sam set the stage for a very profitable and satisfying experience, through his tireless marketing efforts, staging of the home, and general suggestions aimed at maximizing the sale price. Once the offer date arrived, and we realized that numerous offers were being submitted, Sam expertly managed what could have been a long and difficult evening into a manageable experience that netted us a remarkable price, unprecedented in our neighbourhood.

The end result speaks for itself...a sale of a home at 120% of asking price. Needless to say, we would recommend Sam to anyone wishing to work with an agent who will provide not only the skills necessary to get the job done, but also kindness and support through a stressful time."

Ruth & David
Vendors, Green Lane area, Thornhill
Purchasers, North York

Daniel & Kelly Galissiere

What sets Sam Chaim apart from other realtors is the interest that he shows in his clients, before, during and long after the sale. Even before we were certain that we wanted to put our condominium on the market, Sam took the time to meet with us, assess the market value of our investment and show us comparable properties in the area. When it came time for us to list our condo, he gave us advice on how to maximize the appeal of the property and helped us stage the unit for showings.

We expected our realtor to help us take care of all of the paperwork and details associated with the sale of our condominium and purchase of our first home. What we didn’t expect was a realtor who would continue to stay in touch months after the sale through emails and newsletters to offer us information, advice, and guidance as first-time home owners. Sam goes out of his way to make his clients feel special.

Daniel and Kelly Galessiere
Toronto Condo Sellers and Markham Purchasers

Ilena B.

Dear Sam:

I really cannot believe that just over a month ago, you and I met for the first time to strategize. The strategy was to simultaneously sell my house in Richmond Hill for more and buy a similar house in Thornhill for less. Well we did it and we did it quickly and effortlessly and most importantly, it was a rather stress-free experience from beginning to end.
Sam, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing service. You came highly recommended by my parents and their friends and I clearly understand why. I will recommend you to others for several reasons. Above all, I found you to be very genuine, caring and intuitive. You knew what was in my family’s best interest and you realistically guided me throughout the process. I felt as though you cared as much about the outcome as I did. Making such key decisions on my own could have been very anxiety- provoking, yet it wasn’t. Furthermore, I was very impressed by how the other Agents respected you and in fact allowed you to take the lead in the negotiations and somehow you made it a win-win situation for all involved.. Again, this is a function of your style in addition to your knowledge and skill sets.
I continue to appreciate how accessible and resourceful you are. Thanks also for the referrals to contractors, lawyers, painters and even cleaning ladies.
Sam, I look forward to the move and can’t wait to have you over for a visit.

Ilena B.

Adam & Shoshana

Hi Sam,

We really want thank you for all the efforts you put in to helping us purchase our new home. We very much appreciate all the research you did for us, your flexibility when it came to our timing, and your willingness to search in various locations.

Your dedication and commitment in helping us make such an important life decision truly made this an enjoyable experience. Thank you for educating and guiding us through the process.

We will surely pass on your name to others who are looking for a knowledgeable and caring real-estate agent.

Thanks again,

Adam and Shoshana, Thornhill, Ontario

Mark & Gloria C.


I wanted to thank you once again for all your help on our recent purchase of a cottage in the Muskokas. At every stage of the process, you went above and beyond the call of duty, even to the point of following up with some of the municipal offices to track down information on what approvals the cottage had for its septic system and outstanding work orders. Your calm and assured advice and wisdom as we struggled to settle on the right price, were also immensely appreciated.

You can be sure that next time we are looking at buying or selling real estate, we will be looking for your assistance once again.


Mark & Gloria, Cottage Purchasers

Harry & Riva Wolle (2010-10-29)

Dear Sam,

Now that we are settled in our condo, it gives us the opportunity to thank you for your help and professionalism in handling the sale of our house and purchase of our condo.

Through the process of buying and selling, we noted that you listened to our concerns and updated us regularly on the market generally, as well as our particular area.

We appreciate the various marketing efforts such as open houses, newspaper advertising as well as flyer distribution. You dropped by on a regular basis to get our feedback, as well as pass on your observations. There is no doubt that your suggestions concerning the furniture layout were an important factor in the ultimate sale.

You can notch up and additional satisfied client.

Continued success, and best wishes,

Riva and Harry Wolle, Thornhill Woods vendors & North York Condo buyers 

Arnold & Zina Gilis

Dear Sam,

Please allow us to express our sincere appreciation of your services during the recent real estate transactions. With your timely help we were able to sell the apartment and buy a house in a reasonably short period of time when the market was still somewhat “slow”.

At all times, we felt very comfortable with your businesslike approach to various options during the normal real estate sale/purchase process. Your practical and friendly advice helped us to make the right decisions.

Throughout the process of accepting and making offers, we greatly benefitted from your knowledge, professionalism and attention to details. You were always prepared, had a collection of up-to-date facts and statistics that helped us with decision-making.

You were a successful negotiator who represented our interests very well, and we will gladly recommend your services to your new clients


Zina & Arnold Gilis, Condo Sellers 

Josh & Lori Hacker

Dear Sam,

We wanted to thank you again for your help in selling our condo and purchasing our first home. Though it was quite a stressful process at times given the market condition at the time, your advice and sound reasoning was reassuring to us as first-time home buyers. You always took the time to answer our many questions and made us feel like we were your most important clients.

Your recommendations for staging our condo for showing was very effective and helped it sell more quickly in a slow market. In addition, your ability to negotiate the best possible price when purchasing our home was truly invaluable.
In short, you were always working hard to ensure that we had all the information we needed to make the right decisions for our specific needs. We would definitely recommend you to other potential buyers and sellers and have already told several of our friends about your dedicated service.

Thank you again for all your help in helping us attain our dream home.

Josh and Lori Hacker Thornhill Woods Purchasers

Doris & Jean Jacques C.

Dear Sam,

We would like to thank you for seeing us through a very difficult period during the sale of our home in Thornhill Woods.

We were impressed by your professionalism and experience. By choosing you, we were able to get the maximum price for our home, and this during an economic crisis.

We thank you especially for your advice and negotiating skills, which resulted in bringing us, at the last minute, a more qualified buyer and, in fact, several thousand dollars more than we were willing to accept.

We hope to do business with you again in the near future and extend to you our most sincere personal regards.

Doris and Jean-Jacques, Thornhill Woods Vendors

A. Dahary

June 3, 2013

It is with utmost pleasure and gratitude that I share thoughts of my experience with Sam Chaim in the listing and sale of my mom's condominium. Sam's level of service throughout the whole transaction was par excellence, bar none.

Sam went above and beyond the call of duty by accommodating my busy schedule and shouldering tasks that are not expected of a realtor. These included sourcing and arranging for a contractor to make pre-listing repairs, sourcing and arranging for a painter to paint the condo prior to listing and even sourcing a hardware store that carried a specific toilet-tank cover which needed to be replaced. Sam even went out of his way to purchase it himself.

What make the experience even more special is that Sam performed all these tasks while keeping me fully informed at all times and always patiently, with grace and humility. Sam was always available and provided timely responses to every question I had and on many occasions provided me with multi-faceted solutions.

Once the condo was listed for sale, it was sold within 10 days. I couldn't have asked for a timelier sale and I have to attribute this to Sam's professionalism and expertise.

If you are looking to work with a professional, multi-faceted realtor and nothing less, I would highly recommend Sam Chaim for your real estate needs. 




Avi Dahary

1 Maison Parc, Suite 201

Thornhill, Ontario


August 14, 2012


I would like to express my appreciation for all your help and support with both selling my house and buying my condo. As you know, I have lived in the same house for over 20 years and the idea of de-cluttering and getting it ready for selling was initially quite overwhelming.  You made the process a bit easier by putting me at ease and providing relevant information so that I could make an informed decision. 


As you know, the process was not as smooth as I had hoped it would be but you were there with me every step of the way.  From our first meeting, your professionalism and gentle manner made things much easier for me and I never felt rushed or not seen as your number one priority.    I received top quality service and I always felt that you were on my side and not pushing me to make a decision that I was not 100% comfortable with.  With your downsizing experience you provided timely and helpful assistance .  I always felt that you had my best interest in mind.


I have absolutely no hesitation recommending you to potential clients and I would be happy to speak with any one that is interesting in your service.  I would like to wish you much success with your future clients and the best to you and your entire family. 


Susan Zimmerman

184 Brickstone Circle




(Seller & Buyer)


September 25, 2015




Dear Sam,


 I want to thank you for all the help in finding our condo. It took a great deal of effort, patience, and persistence to help us understand just what we were looking for and why we couldn't have a condo the size of our previous home. This was a long process and made even more difficult when my wife had her accident and her mobility became an even greater issue. Now that we are moved in (and in a perennial state of almost unpacked) we really appreciates the more compact space and lack of stairs.


Sometimes one gets lucky.  I did, and quite unexpectedly.


Shortly after my 65th birthday, I decided to investigate senior residences inToronto, I searched the internet and found Baycrest Life Lease condominiums and a Real Estate Sales Representative named Sam Chaim.


Sam Chaim and I chatted on the telephone for awhile and then set up an appointment to meet at2 Neptune DriveinToronto.  I immediately felt a sense of comfort.  Sam demonstrated a sincere interest in my needs.  Throughout the difficult period that it took me to make up my mind, Sam was patient and supportive but without the “Typical” sales pressure.


After the purchase Sam went beyond his job requirements to ease my transition from a suburban mixed demographic condo to an urban cultural and age specific life least unit.  Not only did he steer me to a good mortgage broker but he also recommended a painter, handyman and cleaning service.


The guidance and support was always there.


I got lucky.   Perhaps you can too.  Call Sam Chaim and reap the Rewards!




Selma L.


(Richmond Hill andToronto)


When I decided to put my place up for sale, I was thinking about going private, but when I went to some open houses to listen to what potential buyers were thinking of what they saw, I quickly realized that people who are spending their hard earned money, they become extremely nasty, I did not want to get stressed with such attitudes .


Since Sam came highly recommended, I decided to let him take care of the sale for me.


He came into my home and made his recommendations of what to do, how to prepare and leave the rest to him….


Sam did his open house, a wonderful presentation booklet for potential buyers and created his marketing… I thought the area would sell itself, but times have changed and Sam changed tactics on the fly to eventually get a sold sign on my home…


Sam has become a good friend to my family as we worked together to get things done…


For those of you wishing to sell private? It’s not worth the headache, let Sam Chaim take the challenges and turn your for sale to sold…


Thanks Sam for a job well done.



Stan Weisbeker




(Seller of 4 Bedroom home, Brownridge area)   

Llaguno x 2

We met Sam Chaim by chance and were impressed with his friendliness, and willingness to share his experience once he learned of our need for a real estate agent.  We invited Sam to present his services for our consideration.


There were a number of units in our building and neighbourhood for sale, and from the beginning, Sam knew what to do to make our condo stand out from the rest.


We followed his advice every step of the way through the preparation of the condo, pricing evaluation and sale process.  We are delighted with the final result.


Sam’s professionalism, courtesy, attention to detail, communications and enthusiasm resulted in a quick sale. We can now move into our new home without any worries.


We highly recommend Sam as our sales representative of choice who is true to his word and delivered beyond expectations.


Persistance pays off!


That’s not the end of the story………..


Sam kept in touch with this client and was surprised to learn

that he listed his next home with another agent….with no success. The home had been listed, and remained unsold at $545,000.


Sam brought a client and concluded a successful sale at $559,000!

He then went on to find the client a perfect new home in

his target area!


Dear Sam,


Just a belated note of thanks for your yeoman help in successfully selling our home.


Throughout the entire sale period which initially began in the late fall of 2009 and continued into the summer of this year, both Maureen and I have been very struck by your cool demeanor and very competent professionalism. You explained what would be needed in preparing our house for sale, including a home inspection and staging of the house.  When the anticipated quick sale of our home was not realized, you were quick to reassure us. After review with you we took the house off the market and re-instated it later in the spring of this year.


While Maureen was quite focused on moving after 25 years in our home in Thornhill, I was quite reluctant. I was very insistent on setting a price which was on the high end of your selling range.


With your quiet persistence and excellent negotiating skills one prospective buyer who had expressed interest early and then demurred became our final purchaser at the price established. It was your success in selling our house at the price we needed that has allowed us to move into our new house  --  which is the home of our dreams.


Thank you so much for reducing the stress out of what can be a very demanding process and helping us comfortably afford our new abode.


"On Top of His Game"

Sam skillfully guided us through the processes of buying our new residence and selling our home of 27 years. From beginning to end Sam displayed a high level of professionalism and compassion, as these were major life changes.  Sam was certainly on top of his game.


Ron & Roz Smith

129 Franmore Circle




Spring Farm Vendors &