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Welcome to the online Property Valuation inquiry system and the answer to the big question: “What is my property worth?” This can be approached in two ways. 


General Valuation

The first is a general valuation approach, which is to send you recent sales of properties similar to yours and in your immediate area. This will give you only a broad-based idea of what homes are selling for. Without context about your home, however, it is difficult to draw accurate conclusions.


Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

The second and recommended approach, because of its greater accuracy, is to determine the value of your home by preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Through the CMA, many more details will be taken into account that affects valuation such as upgrades and improvements, location on your block side of the street you are on, and much more. This analysis will give you a much more detailed and accurate idea of your property's market value, one of the first - and essential - steps as you prepare to sell your home. It does however require an on-site visit


Whichever you choose, it takes just a few quick minutes to complete and submit the form below for a general idea. If you prefer the recommended CMA approach simply indicate that on our form and we will contact you to arrange a visit to meet you and evaluate your property.


One important point to bear in mind. Valuations change every day as they are influenced by current market activity and conditions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us further. We are here to help you.


Call me today for a No Obligation Valuation and....Let Me Make a Difference For You! 


N.B. Valuations are estimates based on historical information and cannot be relied upon without direct consultation.