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We certainly live in strange times!

Despite the third wave of the pandemic, the demand for homes has never been greater! March saw 15,652 homes sold in the GTA at an average price of $1,097,565. The market was active in all sectors with 45.5% of the homes being detached, 28% condominium apartments and 18% semi-detached or townhomes. As the competition for homes increased due to limited supply, sales were spread out across the breadth of the GTA as buyers choose price over ideal location to either get into the market or level up to their changed circumstances.

What we learned from the previous lockdowns is, despite Covid life goes on. For many sellers needs have changed and they have to find something different. New construction home completions have purchasers who bought several years ago on the move. The new immigrant wave is looming once the border reopens and that is true about other parts of Canada as well as internationally. That is why real estate has been deemed an essential business.

My company has invested heavily in technology to enable me to continue helping you, my clients, while at the same time following the provincial guidelines and keeping all of us, including our support staff safe. Many of our staff work from home, answering calls, booking appointments and closing transactions.

I can do Virtual Open Houses, show buyers the homes I have for sale or ones they may want to find out about without their physical presence using the latest 3D photo and video technology until it becomes necessary to physically walk them through. By using COVID screening questionnaires and general dialogue to flush out, with respect, “tire kickers” I limit your exposure as well as my own.  Agency agreements, offers and other transaction documents can all be virtual and safely explained and signed using video and electronic technology. For those needing in person attention, that too can work with social distancing. Business for us in real estate continues as normal, just a different normal with adaptions to make it comfortable and safe for you.

Real estate is not a simple business although some might think it is. To get top results whether selling or buying, whether hosting or competing in multiple offers, requires expertise, experience and most importantly, caring about you and your outcome.

If you are considering buying or selling or know someone who is, please call me. Consider that selling is for salespeople. That is not what I do. My role as a professional is to guide, inform, negotiate and empower you to make great decisions. I am here to protect your interests above all else in one of the largest, complex financial transactions you will make in your lifetime.

Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you, or someone you care about and I assure you we will do it while protecting your financial future as well as your health.

To A Good Life!